How can we help you?

I am extremely interested in finding out what other services you feel are lacking for undocumented students. So far, I’ve been able to break it down into general categories of “Financial Aid”, “On-Campus Support Services”, and “Legal Help”.

Based on those categories I have compiled these resources into a packet in both English and Spanish, updating it periodically as we get new support system members (i.e. YOU, the Bobcat DREAMer!) and at the start of each academic year to maintain financial aid opportunities as updated as possible. Some other languages, that I unfortunately don’t speak but would like to see the resource packets translated into are: Portuguese, Chinese (Cantonese and/or Mandarin), Hindi, Farsi, Arabic, German…the list could go on forever, so I need an idea of what other languages are useful to have added to this list. Of course, most of the DREAMers speak English just fine because they’ve lived here most of their lives, but stakeholders like immediate family or caregivers may not, but should still be included in the discussion. Not only do I need suggestions on other high priority languages, but also translation services for those languages I do not already speak.



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