For a good cause

I felt compelled to donate to the cause after reading more information on the Define American campaign. Here’s other great stuff that’s going on soon!


Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for your support of Define American; your contribution is truly helping change the way our nation thinks and talks about immigration. Because of you, we have been able to collect over  $5,000 in only one week! 

This is the first step towards our goal of $15,000 which will allow us to produce a video explaining, “We are not ‘Illegal.’ We are American,” while launching a new campaign focusing on removing the word “illegal” from the mainstream media’s vocabulary. It’s an ambitious goal, but we’re  confident in what we can achieve alongside all of you – especially when we look back on how far we’ve already come!

In fact, the more our team has reflected, the more we see what an extraordinary year it’s been, and we’ve put together a blog post documenting the many incredible highlights. The post goes from the “coming out” story in the The New York Times Magazine in June 2011 to the cover of TIME Magazine in June 2012 to the President of the United States embracing a million new dreams through his announcement a couple weeks ago.

Read it here

Amidst all these moments to celebrate, we hope you’ll continue to support us in the months ahead as we redouble our efforts. Will you share the fact that you contributed to Define American with at least two friends and ask them to contribute as well?

Thank you and bless you.


Jose, Jehmu, Jake, and Alicia


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